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uScribe is a non-profit organization founded by students All uScribe instructors are teenagers who share a passion and Our mission is to empower younger students through to teach other students. It offers writing workshops for love for writing. They are trained to teach uScribe workshops weekly workshops where they have fun learning new kids who don’t get exposure to writing outside of school, and dedicated to inspiring kids and helping them find their writing techniques, interactive activities, creation of promoting creativity, reading and writing skills, and voice through writing. short stories and articles, and option to publish work.

Featured Articles by uScribe Students

Philosophy of College

Alex Xu

Life Interpretations

Charles Deng


Helen Chang

New Year's Purpose

Vivian Chan

Patriotism's Meaning

Vick Liu

Religion for Humans

Alex Xu

Washington Bio

Ben Liu



Steve Jobs: The man who changed the world


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Fossil fuel activity proves to be corrosive


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Video Games: Harmful and beneficial


Should physical education be allowed in school?


Founding Facebook

The idea of the social networking site came once in a lifetime, but managing it and founding a successful billion dollar company using that idea; that was a different story. Facebook was founded by Chris Hughes, Dustin Moscivitz, Eduardo Saverin, and mainly Mark Zuckerberg, four Harvard University students.  


Academic Analysis

I became fond of a scribbling pencil noise and the quick flip of a book page every day; something I believe that normal students would be driven to insanity by. My explanation for not being driven to insanity by the constant sounds of pencil shavings hitting the ground


Family Advice

As you grow up, your parents can teach you many lessons that you can use to help prepare for life. Your parents' duty is to nurture you and allow you to grow up to become a person who is strong and able to support yourself. Parents must realize that when it comes to raising a child, they must both put in an equal amount of effort. 


3 Rules to Voting  

Poll analysis and government analysis on past presidential election records have confirmed that this 2016 election has been full of twists and confusion. It has been by far the closest race in over 7 decades of past presidential elections. These are the 3 rules to making this election the best fight it will ever be.    

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MLK Future
Without this man today, we would still have the discrimination with colored people. Martin Luther King Jr. played a very crucial role in our life. He is the man that died to stop racial discrimination. He led the civil rights movement to change many lives. He believed in what he thought was right and he stood up for his beliefs. 

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Education Obstacles
Helen Keller once said, “The highest result of education is tolerance.” Who has to put up with cheeky students everyday? Your teachers. Who chooses to help students with schoolwork on their own time? Your teachers. And who sacrifices their weekends to grade papers? Again, it’s your teachers. 


Eight Naturally Occurring Phenomena Seen Around the World




Space Communication


The Internet's Influence Today


Life is anyone's game


Read about why students should be allowed to have cell phones.

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Learn about life on mars in the next hundreds of years


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Should we allow dangerous substances in school labs?