Should Teachers be Allowed to Use Phones in Class?

Victor Huang, 12th Grader I 10/6/18


    Would you be willing to be taught by a distracted teacher? Teaching should always be taught in a good environment so students can “absorb” the most of it. If teachers could use phones during class, then why can’t the students?

A teacher with a cell phone causes the students to learn nothing. Like texting and driving, it’s a distraction, to students and themselves. Not only that, students are caught having their phones out and then taken away. It’s unfair, but teachers aren’t affected by it. For example, if a teacher was in the middle of teaching a lesson and left the class to talk on the phone, it would disturb the entire class. Teachers could easily check their phones before or after school like the students. Even if a teacher would need their phone out during an emergency, the school could harmlessly notify them. There is a reason why there are classroom phones.

    “If I can’t have my phone out right now, why can you?” If students saw a teacher playing or using their phone, most would be obliged to do so as well. From here, students are distracted from the already interrupted teacher lecturing them. Imagine taking a 100 problem test requiring much concentration and deep thought. However, sitting a feet away is your math teacher on his phone. His ringtone goes off and it immediately disrupts your train of thought. He then completely leaves the room to talk to his friend. Not only does a teacher having a cell phone out distracting, it can be stressful.

    Teaching is a really important job, as it educates children for their future. If a teacher is following their role of teaching students, then they’re not a teacher. They are at school to teach, not to use their cell phones. School policies asking for no cell phone usage during school hours should apply to teachers as well. Some schools that cost money to attend that have distracted teachers on their phones make it a waste of their money.

    Teachers with cell phones are a big distraction and interruption to the class and themselves. A distracted teacher wouldn’t be willing to teach a class, and will make the students stressful instead. Classroom phones are there for a reason, and teacher ones aren’t.