Zoos: A Question Of Moral Integrity

Christina To, 11th Grader I 11/6/18


     Imagine being trapped in a cage for the rest of your life, being stared at all day and being taken away from family. This is the life zoo animals have to go through. Zoos are very unethical because animals shouldn’t be brought to a different environment against their will, shouldn’t be caged for our entertainment, and although they can live longer in zoos, it’s not right to let them live in a cell while their companions die. When zoos humiliate animals and tear them from their families it isn’t right. Zoos aren’t ethical and should be shut down.  

     Animals shouldn’t be caged in a zoo for treatment because they should be able to survive in their own habitats. Animals should be able to survive  using their skills they were taught when they were nurtured by their parents. The “environment” given to the animals at the zoo isn’t as comforting or familiar as their previous environment. This would cause them a lack of mood and unusual behavior. It causes them to lose their traits and their experience to thrive in the wild. Animals shouldn’t be captured and caged for knowledge or entertainment.

     People often visit zoos wishing to see their favourite animals, or just to take a look at other species in curiosity. These eye-catching animals may seem to give happiness to others, but they aren’t happy themselves. These animals are trapped, limited to a fake environment for their entire lives. They are forced to be a show everyday, stripped of their privacy and their homes, just to provide temporary entertainment for people all around. But their lives aren’t temporary. Their unhappy lives are permanent until serious injury or death. Only then will they be free from their cages. People seem to only think about themselves, not caring whether their source of temporary happiness are happy themselves.  

     When trapped in a zoo, animals tend to have longer lifespans with no one hunting them down and food brought to them. Although their lives are extended, their companions will die earlier than them. Their companions will suffer while they live their lives full of luxury in caged environments. They have everything catered to their needs while other companions will have to find their own resources. Who would want to live longer if everyone you loved died before you did? The animals may be brought food and kept safe, but everyone misses their loved ones and craves comfort with their family.